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ROMAN CAPITAL Ltd. is a private company, incorporating the professional experience and expertise of British and Russian engineers, scientists, managers and financiers.


  • To implement unique, cutting-edge technology;
  • To build on the experience of Western and Russian companies;
  • To combine the work of Russian and Western specialists to manage projects efficiently.

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Installation for hydrocarbon raw materials processing

Container installation for processing of various hydrocarbon raw materials to produce high-octane gasoline and high-quality diesel fuel.


ROMAN CAPITAL Plc and SNC PROMEX AS are developing and implementing a number of joint projects to promote and expand the EcoVizor range of pumps, as well as to develop new types of pumping equipment.

Electrical impact on oil strata

The process for exerting electrical impact on oil strata has been developed by the Institute of Electro-Physics in Moscow.  This process aims to reduce the water cut in boreholes and increase the oil recovery rate.

Ultrasound water-gas ejector

The ultrasound water-gas ejector provides a use for casing-head gasses.  This technology is being promoted under a project led by the ROMAN CAPITAL INNOVATIONS engineering centre.

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Joint chemical engineering center

Moscow M.V. Lomonosov state University of fine chemical technology (MITHT) and ROMAN CAPITAL Plc. has created a joint chemical engineering center. The main directions of the center activity associated with the creation and implementation of new processes of processing of hydrocarbon raw materials and petrochemical processes.

TatOilGas OJSC has accepted the results of pilot testing in vibroseismic impact

TatOilGas OJSC has accepted the results of pilot testing in vibroseismic impact on the production formations of the Urmyshlenskoe field. The tested submersible vibroseismic pump is a vibroseismic source and a sucker rod pump at the same time. Thus it can be considered a new generation rod pump which provides higher performance and additional functions.

ROMAN CAPITAL Plc. and SNC PROMEX AS (Tallinn, Estonia) sign a co-operation agreement

ROMAN CAPITAL Plc. and SNC PROMEX AS (Tallinn, Estonia) have signed a co-operation agreement, covering the promotion of the EcoVizor range of pumps, produced by SNC PROMEX AS both in Russia and on the world market, as well as implementing a range of investment projects in new pumping equipment.